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How Wedding Venues Near Tenafly NJ Create Romantic Events

Brides and grooms in Tenafly, New Jersey imagine their weddings to be the most romantic days of their lives. As a soon-to-be bride, you know exactly how you want to feel when you walk down the aisle. You dream of saying your vows in an intimate setting, surrounded by family and friends. Both you and your fiance long to dance the night away and celebrate your love in an elegant space. Only the best venues in the area can make your dreams come true. Continue reading to learn how top wedding venues near Tenafly NJ create romantic ceremonies. 

Blooming Gardens To Say “I Do” In

The most extravagant outdoor wedding venues in NJ maintain glorious gardens. They offer acres on acres of seasonal, blooming flowers. The grass is always freshly cut and vibrant as well. You can say “I do” among the blooms or inside of a cathedral throughout the gardens. If you prefer the latter, decorate the cathedral with vines, flowers and fairy tale lights. You can create a personalized, intimate atmosphere for you and your fiance’s special moment. The best wedding venues near Tenafly New Jersey assist you in making your garden wedding as romantic as you wish. 

Luxurious Ballrooms For First Dances

Search for a Tenafly NJ wedding venue with a luxurious ballroom as well. The best locations can guarantee you a romantic first dance. Their ballrooms have high ceilings that make you feel like you are waltzing throughout a castle. The decor around the ballroom also looks like it was pulled from a storybook. You will be surrounded by elegant chandeliers and historic artwork. Ask your venue in North Jersey to decorate the ballroom with roses as well. Then, you can create an even more romantic atmosphere for your big day. 

Architecture That Creates A Classic Elegance

Additionally, the best wedding venues near Tenafly NJ have stunning architecture. Their buildings alone create a romantic setting for your ceremony. Find a wedding hall with a Georgian style mansion and stone driveways. The best venues also have country estate-style brick walls and intricate building details. Right when you pull into the venue, you will be overwhelmed with charm. These wedding venues maintain time-honored architecture to create romantic ceremonies. 

Fairytale-Esque Indoor And Outdoor Lighting

Lighting also impacts the intimacy of a ceremony and reception. The top wedding venues in NJ use lighting to create romantic settings for couples like you. They lower the lights for first dances. Twirl around the ballroom with dimly lit chandeliers above your heads. Take a nighttime ceremony outdoors to enjoy the colorfully-lit fountains outside. Brighten up your outdoor wedding even more by decorating with candles and fairtytale-esque string lights. Only the most extravagant wedding banquet halls in New Jersey create romance with lighting. 

Professional, Passionate Staff

Finally, the best Tenafly wedding venues employ professional, passionate workers. Their teams strive to meet all of your bride and groom needs. They continuously monitor the area to ensure that the ceremony goes as planned. Before the wedding, staff members take any requests that you and your fiance have for the big day. Then, they create a checklist to ensure that everything runs smoothly. With such great service, you can focus on the love story that you are starting. This is yet another way that wedding venues near Tenafly create romantic ceremonies. 

In order to make your dreams come true on your big day, you need to book with North Jersey’s best wedding venue. The top locations maintain gorgeous gardens with seasonal flowers and plants. You can enjoy an intimate first dance in the most beautiful ballrooms as well. More so, the architecture is charming enough to make you feel royal. Top venues also create ambiance with outdoor and indoor lighting. Furthermore, they hire professional, passionate workers to ensure your day runs smoothly. The best wedding venues in Tenafly create romantic ceremonies for couples. 

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