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How Wedding Venues In Englewood NJ Create Intimate Settings

The top wedding venues in Englewood NJ guarantee couples romantic ceremonies and receptions. Between the devoted staff and the extravagant scenery, these venues never fail to make couples feel special. They take pride in transforming large, luxurious spaces into beautiful, intimate settings. If you want a meaningful and memorable wedding day, you need to book at one of these venues. Continue reading to learn the ways top wedding venues Englewood NJ create intimate settings.

Romantic Lighting

Englewood wedding venues create intimate settings through romantic lighting. Their charming chandeliers immediately set the tone for a warm, personal event. Many wedding venues in Bergen county also decorate dining tables with candles. The soft candlelight makes receptions more romantic. You can even ask your venue to use string lights outdoors. They can produce a more romantic setting by draping the lights over trees or a chapel. Regardless of the romantic lighting you prefer, the top venues can use it to create an intimate setting. 

Customized Food Menus

The best Englewood NJ wedding venues also produce intimate settings by offering customizable food menus. To take advantage of this option, personalize your menu based on more than just the season or location. Make it unique to you and your fiance. If your friends and family members all know that your fiance’s favorite food is pizza, why not add it to the menu? If you have loved a specific type of salmon since you were a child, add that to the menu too. Wedding venues allow you to customize your menu to make dinner more unique to you and your fiance. The end result is a more intimate event for the entire party.

Cozy Decorations

Additionally, the top wedding venues in Englewood New Jersey use cozy decorations to create intimate settings. Decor is one of the best ways to warm up a ceremony space, and the top venues know how to use it well. Many venues create warm ceremonies by decorating with rustic aisle markers and floral decorations. Some intimate venues also use elegant, linen table cloths and wooden chairs in seating arrangements. These decorations can give even the biggest area a cozy feel. Ask your venue to use them for your reception and/or ceremony. Then, they can create an intimate setting for you and your guests. 

Ballrooms For Activities

While it may sound counter-intuitive, wedding venues’ large ballrooms create intimate settings. With a large ballroom, you gain plenty of room for activities. Since activities allow you to interact with every one of your guests in a fun, special way, they are great for creating intimacy. Some wedding venues in Englewood maintain large enough ballrooms to fit large groups for fun wedding receptions. Choose the most personal activities to you, and let your wedding venue take care of the rest. They will use their ballrooms to produce an intimate atmosphere for you and your guests.

Charming Architecture

Finally, top wedding venues near NYC feature charming, intimate architecture. For many couples, the architecture is what makes a setting intimate. A plain white backdrop certainly does not have the same personal impact that a warming cream hue has. Similarly, high ceilings make guests feel more open to interacting with one another whereas low ceilings can make people feel claustrophobic. Venues built with rustic materials such as stone and wood also give off a more homey, personal feeling. The top wedding venues feature warm colors, high ceilings and rustic building materials so they can create intimate settings. 

The best wedding venues create personal, meaningful ceremonies and receptions for couples. They use romantic lighting fixtures like chandeliers and candles to build a welcoming atmosphere. Top venues also allow couples to customize their food menus according to their personal preferences. Moreover, the best wedding halls use cozy decorations to warm up even the largest spaces. Their large ballrooms are also perfect for holding interactive activities. Not to mention, the charming architecture at these venues is perfect for building a warm setting. The top wedding venues Englewood NJ create intimate settings to bring dreams to life.

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