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5 Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Wedding Reception Venue NJ

Couples hope to plan wedding receptions that encompass their relationships, styles and dreams. The best wedding reception venues in New Jersey ensure that these ideals come to life. The top locations can make any indoor or outdoor dream a reality on your big day. However, you need to play your part as well. In order for a venue to create the most elegant, romantic setting, you need to envision the perfect event. Read this post for ideas to make the most of your wedding reception venue NJ. 

Unique Lighting

The lighting at your reception sets the mood for the entire night. Work with wedding reception halls in NJ to establish the perfect illumination. The best venues have gorgeous chandeliers hanging from tall ballroom ceilings. Request just the chandelier lighting for a romantic glow during your first dance as husband and wife. Create an intimate space with table candles as well. Couples saying “I do” in the middle of the day often opt for a naturally-lit scene. Ask your venue to open up the ballroom windows to let the sunshine in. Get creative with your reception lighting to make the most of any wedding venue near NYC.

Garden Wedding Bar

Outdoor wedding reception venues NJ offer the perfect setup for a garden wedding bar. If your venue features a lively garden full of blooming flowers and plants, this is the perfect reception idea for you. After you say “I do” surrounded by nature’s beauty, continue the party outside. Set up a pristine, white bar in front of the garden landscape. Decorate the bar top with vines of flowers and leaves. Add a few flower-filled vases to add more color to the elegant setup. The best wedding venues in the state have flowing water fountains that bring the whole cocktail hour setting together. Use this idea to use wedding reception places in NJ to the fullest. 

Herb Centerpieces

Additionally, consider adding herb centerpieces to your wedding reception layout. If you are getting married at an outdoor wedding venue in NJ, you are already surrounded by seasonal blooms. While you can always add more to your tables, many couples choose to take a more rustic approach with herbs. Keep the nature alive with wooden bowls and flower pots as vases. If you prefer a more extravagant style, use thin, crystal vases for herbs. Between the crystal accents and your wedding venue’s charming architecture, you can pull off a beautiful celebration outside. Both styles work well with the best wedding reception venues in NJ.

Song Request Cards

Many soon-to-be brides and grooms provide their guests with song request cards as well. The offer establishes a fun night of dancing right from the beginning. However, your cards need to match the setting of your wedding reception venue in North Jersey. Use off-white card stock and fancy, gold writing for an upscale design. You can use the same elegant writing on wooden plates to create rustic yet elegant pieces. Whether you are dancing the night away in nature’s glory or surrounded by Georgian style architecture, you will impress guests with this wedding reception idea. 

Calligraphy Cloches

Furthermore, create calligraphic cloche setting displays. Begin by choosing your favorite seasonal flowers to place inside of the French bells. Select roses for a romantic, Beauty and the Beast theme. Keep the night fun and energized with colorful chrysanthemums. Whichever blooms you choose, the piece will come together with calligraphy. Designate each cloche to a specific table. Add a number in calligraphy font to each bell’s glass covering. Complete the seating displays with the guest names for each table. You will be left with pretty displays that add to your venue’s elegance. Ask the wedding reception venues NJ staff to place your masterpieces at the entrance of the ballroom. Then, wait as your guests “ooo” and “ahhh” over your beautiful creations.

One of the hardest decisions for soon-to-be brides and grooms is choosing a wedding banquet hall NJ. Once you find the perfect location, you need to start planning. Use your venue’s romantic chandeliers to light the ballroom. Take advantage of your venue’s beautiful grounds by setting up a garden bar outside. Moreover, take a rustic approach with herb centerpieces on your dining tables. Many couples place elegant song request cards at each guest seat as well. Finally, create your own calligraphic cloche seating displays to match your hall’s beauty. Use these ideas to make the most of your wedding reception venue in NJ.  

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