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How To Plan Traditional Receptions At Luxury Greek Wedding Venues NJ

Luxury Greek wedding venues NJ are perfect for holding traditional Greek receptions. As a soon-to-be Greek bride, you are well aware of how important it is to stick to cultural traditions and religious rituals during your reception. Common customs to follow include eating delicious Greek food and performing the traditional dollar dance. The best venues ensure that you can stick to these customs and have the night of your life too. If you want to learn how to plan traditional receptions at luxury Greek wedding venues NJ, read this post.

Choose A Sunday Wedding Date

In order to plan traditional receptions at luxury New Jersey Greek wedding venues, you need to choose a Sunday wedding date. According to Greek tradition, brides and grooms should always wed on a Sunday. Therefore, you need to choose a Sunday to book a venue for your reception. When choosing a date, keep in mind that you also need to avoid fasting periods if you are Orthodox. The Greek Orthodox Church demands that couples to say “I do” outside of fasting seasons. Follow these wedding date guidelines to plan a traditional reception at a luxury Greek venue. 

Select A Traditional Greek Catering Menu

After you choose an Orthodox church-approved wedding date, select a traditional catering menu to plan your event at the best Greek wedding reception venue NJ. Start by asking your venue about their traditional meal options. If they cannot meet your needs, they can likely put you in touch with a respectable caterer that can. When you find the best caterer, create a menu that includes traditional appetizers like salty taramosalata and garlicy skordalia. For the main course, order whole grilled fish and rice-stuffed grape leaves. Create the perfect menu to plan a traditional reception at the best Greek wedding venues New Jersey. 

Inquire About Dancing Space

Additionally, inquire about the available dancing space to plan a traditional reception at Greek luxury wedding venues in NJ. You need plenty of space to perform the custom dances during your party. Guests need large amounts of space to dance in circles during the Tsamiko, Zeibekiko and Sirtaki. Plus, you and your groom need enough room to enjoy the traditional Greek wedding dollar dance. There should be plenty of room for friends and family to toss dollar bills onto the dance floor around you. If you want to enjoy these rituals on your special day, you need to rent out a big, glorious ballroom at the best Greek wedding venues in Jersey. Keep this in mind when planning your reception.

Hire Musical Entertainment 

In order to plan the perfect reception at a New Jersey Greek wedding venue, you must hire musical entertainment as well. After all, you cannot dance all night long without quality music. Many traditional Greek couples choose to hire professional bands for their receptions. If you want to stick to tradition throughout your entire reception, you need to hire a Greek band that knows the custom wedding songs. If you prefer to hire a DJ, ensure that they are familiar with the traditional wedding songs and come prepared with a library of Greek music. Consider both musical entertainment options to plan the perfect reception at your luxury Greek venue. 

Find A Skilled Photographer 

Finally, find a skilled photographer to complete the reception planning process at luxury Greek wedding halls NJ. Similar to the musical entertainment, your photographer should have experience with Greek weddings. That way, they can be on their toes when traditional rituals are about to occur and can capture every moment. More so, your photographer should be skilled enough to capture the ambiance of your venue and the emotion of your guests simultaneously. They should be able to snap images of your guests performing custom dances while still capturing the beautiful chandeliers and decor of the venue. Find a skilled photographer to plan your reception at the best luxury Greek wedding venues Bergen County NJ. 

If you and your fiance want to stick to tradition, you need to plan your reception at a luxury Greek wedding venue in North Jersey. Begin the planning process by choosing a Sunday wedding date that does not fall during a fasting period. Next, select a traditional catering menu that includes both appetizers and main courses. Inquiring about dance space is also crucial to planning traditional Greek receptions. Determine whether you want to hire a band or a DJ for musical entertainment as well. Lastly, find a skilled photographer that can capture both the beauty of the venue and the emotion of the day. Follow this guide to plan traditional receptions at luxury Greek wedding venues NJ successfully.