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5 Questions To Ask LGTBQ Wedding Venues In NJ

As many couples are planning their weddings at New Jersey’s luxurious LGBTQ-friendly venues, there are several questions you need to keep in mind. As with any couple, you want your wedding day to be perfect. In order to host the perfect event, you need to find a venue that goes above and beyond your needs. On top of the food you serve and music you play, there are tons of important details that go into planning your dream reception at NJ venues. Read on to learn about the top questions to ask LGBTQ wedding venues NJ before booking your event.

Venue Specifics

The first set of questions couples need to ask pertain to the venue specifics. These questions answer whether a venue can practically accommodate your event. Ask to make sure that the venue is available on your selected date, and that they are able to accommodate all of your guests. Make sure that ballrooms are large enough to provide your party sufficient space for eating, drinking, dancing, and socializing. You additionally need to ask about any restrictions on the room. Some venues provide you specific time frames on how long you are able to utilize ballrooms. In addition to basic practical questions, ensure you ask if there will be other weddings on the same day as yours. This way, you can coordinate to have minimal interaction or overlap.

Food & Liquor Policy

Additionally, couples need to ask about NJ wedding halls food and liquor policy. Ensure that the venue you choose offers high-quality food and liquor for your event. Look for venues that offer seasonal menus, high culinary standards, and personalized dishes. To guarantee the quality of your dishes, ask venues to host an in-house tasting. Pertaining liquor, you need to ask about the restrictions on the quantity or type of alcohol being served. Certain venues limit the types of alcohol that are included in the price of your event. Find out what time bar service will be available until, if the time frame does not seem long enough, ask if there is a fee to extend it. Throughout planning at LGBTQ-friendly wedding venues in NJ, ensure you ask about the food and liquor policy.

Logistical Inquiries

On top of the unique touches to your wedding, you need to ask a series of logistical questions when planning your event at LGBTQ-friendly NJ venues. Make sure that venues offer a separate space for dancing, cocktail hour, and dining. Ensure that venues offer microphones and a sound system for your music, toasts, and speeches. Ideal LGBTQ venues should also have sufficient, accessible parking for all of your guests. For your guests that are not driving, ask venues if the offer a shuttle service, or if rideshare apps are easily accessible in the area. Look for sites that are handicapped accessible with ramps, elevators, and limited staggered settings to best accommodate your valued guests. While you plan your wedding at New Jersey wedding venues, ensure you ask a series of logistical questions. 

Ceremony Restrictions

Throughout your planning process, you need to ask about any restrictions on your ceremony. The process of hosting ceremonies within wedding reception halls is becoming increasingly more common. With that being said, the first question you need to ask is if venues can accommodate a ceremony of your capacity and caliber. When you ask, make sure the ceremony and your reception are in seperate rooms. Look for venues that are able to provide adequate seating for your event. At the same time, ask about any restrictions venues have on ceremonies. Some wedding venues restrict couples from throwing rose petals or playing loud music outdoors. As you navigate the wedding planning process, consider any potential restrictions on your ceremony. 

Outdoor Backup Plan

Throughout your planning process, you need to ask about a backup plan if you are hosting your wedding outdoors. Outdoor same sex weddings are becoming increasingly common. While outdoor events emphasize a stunning environment, they hold the potential to be effected by the elements. If your ceremony is facing interference from the weather, ensure you ask about the backup plans venues have in place. Ask if venues offer canopies or tents if it suddenly begins raining. When poor weather is inevitable, do venues have an indoor space where they can transition your event to. As you plan an event at NJ’s luxury, LGBTQ-friendly venues, ensure you ask about the outdoor backup plan in place.

As many couples plan their events at NJ LGBTQ luxury wedding venues, there are several questions to keep in mind. Ask specific questions pertaining to the venue as a whole. Question specific aspects of the food and liquor policy. You also need to ask logistical questions to make sure that venues can adequately support you and your guest list. If you are hosting your ceremony and reception at a single venue, ask about any restrictions set on your ceremony. Furthermore, ask wedding planners about the backup plan in place for couples hosting outdoor weddings. Consider the points above for the top questions to ask LGBTQ wedding venues NJ before booking your event.

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